The ANTISA Counter-Revolutionary Movement was launched on June 4, 2020. I look forward to hearing the stories of the saints, who are walking in the anointing of the Spirit, to impact their cities for the glory of our Heavenly Father and our Warrior Messiah!

David ‘Nikao’ Wilcoxson
Nikao means: to subdue, to conquer, to overcome, to prevail, to get the victory.

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  1. Thank you for the challenge and encouragement. I am greatly blessed to have joined with a prayer group in my small city and we hope to see it grow as we go and serve. We are becoming much more community minded and have plans in the works for ministering, walking, praying and setting captives free in The Name and Power of the Most High YHVH!!

    1. Thank you for your comment Karen! That’s awesome about your prayer group! May the power of the Most High YHVH be with you on your mission to set the captives free!

  2. I was a servant of the Satan, in fact twice. I have written 3 eBooks that are available for free on the website under the name of Leon Xiv. We are not only in a war against Satanism but also atheism and apostasy. Praise be upon the one and only God by everyone and everything without exception.

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